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Teen Drivers Ed

Updated Zoom In-Class Meeting Schedule
All meetings have the same Meeting ID 216  765  0600  
The meeting password for the month of July will be posted here soon. 

July 1st Lesson 1 6-8:30PM

July 2nd Lesson 2 6-8:30PM

July 6th Lesson 3 6-8:30PM

July 7th Lesson 4 6-8:30PM

July 8th Lesson 5 6-8:30PM

July 9th Lesson 6 6-8:30PM

July 13th Lesson 7 6-8:30PM

July 14th Lesson 8 6-8:30PM

July 15th Lesson 9 6-8:30PM

July 16th Lesson 10 6-8:30PM

  • Online Course

    Our convenient online Ohio Driver Education course satisfies the required 24 hours of classroom instruction needed to apply for your first Ohio Driver's License. The goal of this course is to educate young Ohio drivers in safe driving and to reduce the risk of driving on Ohio roadways by providing first-time drivers with accurate information. Topics will include familiarization with vehicles, basic vehicle control, traffic laws, advice for operating in inclement weather and more.

    Key benefits of completing online include:

    • Complete anywhere, on any device
    • Fast certificate shipment to get started on your driver training
    • Less expensive than classroom courses
    • 24/7 student support
  • Traditional Drivers Education

    The traditional course includes eight hours of in-car instruction and 24 hours of in-class learning. You must attend one classroom session before you can schedule behind-the-wheel driving lessons, hold a valid temporary permit, and submitted all the required paperwork.

    You must pay for the course in full before you can take in-car lessons.

  • Teen Behind-the-Wheel Only

    This package is for students who have already taken an online driver's education course and need in-car lessons only. You must have a valid temporary permit and have sent in all the required documentation.

    You must pay for the course in full before you can take in-car lessons.

Driver Education in Cleveland

  • Replacement Certificate

    Can't find your certificate and you're ready to take your road test? Don't worry we can re-print your certificate and put it in the mail for you.

  • Expedited Certificate

    Don't wanna wait for your certificate by snail mail? No problem! We hand-deliver your certificate straight to your door.